Project Proposal Outline

What you’re proposing, plus some execution steps

The following requirements are part of the idea proposal and must be provided. Incomplete proposals will be returned to you with suggested edits for correct completion.

  • Title. The proposed title for this project, project medium, your name(s and collaborations).
    • Executive Summary. Think of this as the elevator pitch, it sketches out the project in a way to hook the audience. This should include the rationale for the proposed project, a statement of specific aims and objectives, and what type of project will be created. Suggested length:  one-half page.
  • Keywords & Themes. Provide a clear, concise point-by-point summary of the aims of the project proposed. Suggested length: one-half page.
      • What is the problem you’re trying to solve?
      • What are the deliverables?
      • How will this align with UNAVSA’s vision and mission as well as VSAcademy’s themes?
  • History & Application. Explain the background information necessary to understand the proposed project and the needs of this project. Suggested length: one page.
      • Why is this project important?
      • How will this project be applicable to VSAs/their members? How can it be used?
      • Who is the targeted audience (VSA, regional, general members, UNAVSA, etc.)?
  • Research, Design & Collaboration. Discuss IN DETAIL the project medium and information that will be collected to accomplish the specific aims of the project. This is where the main content body is for your proposal and you should be thorough with your idea. In other words, it’s better to briefly explain “simply” things than to assume we will understand what you meant). Suggested length: one page to two pages (with media artifacts).
      • What kind of a project medium (article, interview, multimedia… etc.)?
      • Identify if this will be for VSAcademy or the blog.
      • What are the inspirations for this project?
      • Who are the potential outreaches for information and what potential sources will be needed?
  • Deadlines. List deadlines and the approaches for meeting them.


  • References. List all references cited in researching and used as media inspiration.