Project Types

Different levels, and different publication mediums

VSAcademy will be managing 2 platforms of knowledge sharing: VSAcademy’s website and UNAVSA’s blog. While that sounds very binary, what really goes into each? Why is having a resource center and a blog any different from each other? Well, we’re going to clear any of that confusion right now.


Resource Center: VSAcademy Website

VSAcademy is a content resource center. It will organize and publish our content in a way that makes it easy for users to find and share the content they need. As opposed to offering more seasonal topics that may become dated and buried within a blog, this area will contain a select few evergreen topics to start out with:

  • How Tos – correct procedures for a particular activity
  • White Papers – authoritative, in-depth report on a specific topic that presents a problem AND provides a solutionGuides – resources and references that provide information, instructions, and/or advice
  • Checklists – unordered or ordered list of required items to perform a task
  • DIYs step-by-step through photos or videos to craft a project
  • Videosinstructional-driven by knowledgeable individuals; can be a how-to or guide
  • Infographics* – complex information which is eye-catching, shareable, and easily digestible


Blog: UNAVSA Blog

Typically blogs can be updated at a much greater frequency than resource centers and can include much more opinionated, seasonal, timely, and trendy topics than a resource centerpiece would. This is a platform of collaboration with more individuals to tell their own story and also an area to share more personal experiences. Below are some examples:

  • Seasonal Topics – i.e. Black April, Holidays, etc.
  • Newsworthy Pieces – i.e. Elections, social impacts
  • Highlights – i.e. alumni spotlight, partnering organizations’ events, personal reflection
  • Current Events/Updates – i.e. new policies, staff applications
  • Recurring Series – i.e. Productivity Tips, documentaries, cooking show

Essentially, resources centers can differ in the frequency level of publishing, as well as in terms of quality. While we want all blog posts and resource pieces to be incredibly high-quality, resource centers can be much more selective and limited in what is chosen to feature, whereas the blog could be updated several times a week. This could also mean that the blog will receive more traffic and feedback from time-to-time but resources will always be accessible.


Project Levels and Ideas

To put a timeline and collaboration baseline on our projects we will be creating, the table below is a compiled comparison of content that would be posted on the website versus the blog. Please note that there may be exceptions to the lists, which can be discussed when you submit your project proposal

REMEMBER: Our priority is to build our resource center. Blog content is secondary and will be a shared effort with other areas of UNAVSA.

Level 1:  This is a low-collaboration project. In creating these projects, the individual does research and collects the information for the piece and will collaborate only if multimedia materials are needed. The typical turnaround time for this project should be 1-2 weeks.
VSAcademy Website UNAVSA Blog
  • Powerpoint Presentations
    • Templates
  • Written articles
    • Discussion Topics
  • In-depth how-to pieces
    • Instructional guides
  • Op-Ed’s
    • News/current events (Review of Crazy Rich Asians at time of movie release)
  • Interesting musings
    • Reflections
  • High-quality listicles
  • Journalistic works of art
  • Narrative nonfiction
  • Near-term speculative fiction
    • “Where do you see the Vietnamese Community in 10 years?”
  • Historical fiction
  • Fascinating interviews
Level 2:  This is a medium-collaboration project. In creating these projects, the individual will potentially collaborate with designers for visual projects and/or spend more time personally working on details to create elevated work. The timeline for this project will be 2-4 weeks.
VSAcademy Website UNAVSA Blog
  • Visual/Non-video project
    • Infographics
    • Photo albums
  • Audio Projects
    • Interviews
    • Podcasts
    • Audio Storytelling
Level 3:  This is a high-collaboration project. In order to create a project in this category, we all must agree on the timeline and details. This will require additional collaborations with media specialists and more research. The timeline for this project will be 1-2 months.
VSAcademy Website UNAVSA Blog
  • Video Projects
    • Webinar
  •  Video Projects
    • Documentaries