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The Meyer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) has been a long standing personality test and inventory for individuals to better understand themselves, how they think, & work best. MBTI Introduction MBTI National Stats MBTI Clues to Inferior Function

Leadership That Gets Results

Created by former UNAVSA President (2010-2012), Dan Huynh, as a guide to foster leadership! Download the guide: Leadership That Gets Results

Second Wave Podcast

A podcast from KUOW Public Radio and PRX follows Thanh Tan, UNAVSA-15 Keynote, as she uncovers how a war that ended decades ago is still affecting the Vietnamese community - listen here!  

How to Create and Ratify a Constitution

Why a constitution is needed? A constitution is a founding document that provides a clear outline of the structure and mission of the organization and provides a basic set of rules that will govern the group. Its intent is to provide consistent leadership for the...

How to Run an Effective Meeting

Key Takeaways The key takeaways are ...

Here & Queer: An LGBTQ+ Podcast

Compiled by the Civic Engagement Committee in honor of LGBT Pride Month | June 2018 UNAVSA is proud to present its very first podcast featuring Vu Thai (he/him/his) and Jen Nguyen (he/him/his). Listen in as Vu and Jen share their stories about growing up as a LGBTQ+...

A Brief History and Unspoken Reality of the Vietnamese Nail Salon Worker

A Piece by Kevin Le and Thuy Trang | June 13, 2018 Introduction Anjelah Johnson is a comedian who did a stand up show titled, “Nail Salon.” It was posted to YouTube in 2007 but in 2018, it continues to be shared through various platforms as comedy. In the video, she...

Mental Health ResOURces

Compiled by the Civic Engagement Committee in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month | May 2018 Mental Health webinar video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UFIlLBKldncQiZ2yyXSx_VLO5sYvOAA3 Mental Health First Aid presentation:...

I Am Vietnamese

A Piece by Thuy Trang | May 16, 2018 Whenever someone asks me, “What is your ethnicity?” my answer is, “I am Vietnamese.” Technically speaking, I am Vietnamese-American meaning I am ethnically Vietnamese, but I was born and raised in the United States. Even though...

What the Numbers Mean for Southeast Asians

A Piece by Kevin Le | May 23, 2018 Last year, UNAVSA released an article discussing the model minority myth and the disaggregated data between different Asian communities. It sought to highlight the historical context of the said “positive stereotype” and also examine...

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