Áo Bà Ba: History

Áo bà ba worn while working

Áo bà ba also known as Vietnamese silk pajama’s, a typical casual wear in South Vietnam like the Mekong Delta and other rural areas. There is currently no documentation as to when it was first invented. Though, some people think that the áo bà ba resembles a man’s shirt with round collar and a narrow shirt that Le Quy Don obliged his citizen to wear at the end of the eighteenth century. In the twentieth century, the áo bà ba became popular in the southern region of Vietnam. The bà ba dress appeared in the beginning of the nineteenth century from the Penang Islanders and was renovated by Truong Vinh Ky to suit the Vietnamese.

The most popular story about the áo bà ba is about a hawker buying and selling things around the world. When he went to Malaysia and met people called the Ba Ba wearing beautiful clothes, he brought them back to Cai Mon village where it became popular in South Vietnam.

Modern Times

Today, the áo bà ba is typically worn by women where it is modernized to today’s fashion. Today it is not straight and wide but now it is tighter around the waist and chest. The colors of the áo bà ba today is colorful with designs. Today, they are worn less frequently except during festivals, events, and to keep the history of áo bà ba alive.