Áo Bà Ba: How It’s Made

How is this attire typically produced? What are the typical type of fabric you would use (and if there are significance to different fabric production, highlight that as well)? Also include any accessories you typically would wear with the outfit, like collars, trinkets, etc.

The bà ba shirt is a neckless shirt where the back of the shirt is sewn by a piece of raw fabric. The fabrics that is typically used is linen cotton, but with the simplicity, the bà ba shirt can be made with any fabric. The front has two pieces with press-stud buttons running down the middle with a scooped neck. The bà ba shirt length covers below to the butt. The sides are split allowing comfort while working in the fields. The bà ba shirt is combined with a silk or dark colored pants.

Worn with áo bà ba is a checkered scarf called khăn rằn which originated from the Khmer during the settlement of the Mekong Delta. It is typically 1.2m, 40-50cm wide. Women would wear it around their neck whereas men would wear it around their head like a bandanna.

Another thing that is worn with áo bà ba is nón lá known as a conical hat shown in the image above. It is used while working to keep the sun out of the face and protects you from the rain. For females, the common hairstyle that they wear is pig tails.

A museum exhibition shows women wearing the characteristic black-and-white checkered khăn rằn headscarf and black áo bà ba tunic.