How to Create and Ratify a Constitution

Why is a constitution needed?

A constitution is a founding document that provides a clear outline of the structure and mission of the organization and provides a basic set of rules that will govern the group. Its intent is to provide consistent leadership for the organization as it will be passed on to future officers. Even though the focus and direction of an organization may evolve over time, the amendability for a constitution will allow an organization to change to meet future needs while retaining the overall foundational mission and vision of the organization. Simply put, it allows an organization to grow while remaining true to its founding roots.

Materials Needed

  • Word/Google document
  • Foundering officers
  • All stakeholders present in the initial ratification of the organization (basically have everyone who cares there when you sign the constitution)
  • Printed copy for signing and ratifying constitution


  1. Select a name for your organization. This is often the first article of the constitution.
  2. State the purpose or mission of your organization. If your sporting organization is about people getting together and having fun while playing your sport of choice, write that down. If it’s about becoming competitive in a certain league, include that. If its intent is to serve troubled youth by teaching them sporting skills, say so here. Your mission statement or statement of purpose is an article of the constitution by itself.
  3. Write down the guidelines that will dictate membership eligibility requirements in the next article.
  4. Include a article to explain how dues will be collected and used(optional)
  5. Include a article about how the organization’s leadership will be structured
  6. Include an article that explains how the constitution may be amended.
  7. Put the constitution to a vote by the founding members of your organization. Revise and vote again if needed until the document is approved.