Human Rights: Y[ours] to Define Webinar

In light of International Human Rights Day on Tuesday, December 10th, the webinar is designed specifically to help everyone explore the importance of human rights, and ultimately, what it means to have these rights and freedoms.

Additionally, we will also be opening a discussion on the current human rights issues occurring within Vietnam and how non-profit organizations are helping combat this, and ensuring Vietnamese citizens the same quality of rights and freedoms that we all deserve.

Human Rights: y[ours] to define Webinar

ICYMI, check out the recording from our webinar, Human Rights: y[ours] to define. Special thanks to our guests from past CPP beneficiaries for sharing your experiences and the current projects y'all are working on in regards to human rights in Vietnam: Theresa Tran from Messengers of Love, Diane Truong from Pacific Links Foundation, and Jaku Hon and Yen Nguyen from VOICE. Thank you to our very CPP Engagement Director, April Nguyen, for sharing how we can further get involved. Because together, we can define what it means to be human.Together, human rights are y[ours] to define.#UNAVSA #YOUNAVSA

Posted by Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations (UNAVSA) on Saturday, December 21, 2019