Tiến Lên

Tiến lên is a popular Vietnamese game where the winning objective is to be the first person to have no cards left in their hand. This 4-player game begins with 13 evenly distributed cards to each player. The player who has the 3 of Spades goes first and then each player continues in a clockwise direction. The 3 of Spades may be played with any strategy of choice as long as it completes a sequence or is part of an X-of-a-kind play. On your turn, if you have no moves, you can “pass” or skip your move during a round. When you do, you have to wait until the round ends for your next turn. The round ends when 3 of the 4 players have skipped their turn and it begins again with the person who won the round (the player who didn’t pass). 

Understanding the name “tiến lên”: tiến means to advance and lên is to to go up or up; put the words together and literally the phrase translates to “go forward”. Tiến lên is also known as Vietnamese Cards (VC), Thirteen, and Killer 13 with various addition regional and cultural rules.