Unique Events Planning Template

Welcome to our Event Planning Template! This template can be tailored to best fit your event-planning as a way to organize all your thoughts, tasks, and budget within a single spreadsheet. Here, you can find different events that VSAs and UVSAs have previously done to inspire your organization’s future events. The template will help walk you through all the major milestones to ensure your event is a success! By having all of the information you need for planning these unique events in one sheet, you and your team can easily access all the details surrounding the event and be up-to-date with any new changes and edits as they are made.

Please note that our Event Planning Template is not made for multi-day, large scale events, such as Camps, Conferences, and Summits. It is primarily for one-day events, such as fundraisers, competitions/contests, socials, etc. The template is accessible by Google Drive, so anyone can access it from wherever they are! Below, you will find step by step instructions as to how to maneuver through each tab on the spreadsheet.

WHAT – Unique Events

This tab contains examples of unique events for your school or region to host! We reached out to different regions to gather some of their unique events that they wanted to share with the rest of UNAVSA. Of course, you are not limited to just these events, but here is some inspiration to get you on the right track.

CSU Long Beach VSA Modern Team competing at Cal Poly Pomona VSA Dance Showdown

WHO – Staff Roles and Contact

This tab is a master sheet of all of the staff members who will be helping you organize your event! It includes name, committee/position, contact information, and tasks for the day. This tab will help those who may need to contact specific individuals before, during, or after the event for assistance with various tasks or updates.

Some events will require you to have a Master of Ceremonies, or emcees.

If you’re hosting a contest or competition, you may need some judges and an adjudication rubric.

WHERE – Venue

This tab will help you list out potential venues for your event! It provides a centralized location for you to compare details such as address, capacity, parking, cost, amenities, etc. to decide what the best option for your event is. Here are some things to consider when looking at potential venues for your event:

  • Location: How far away is it from your audience? Is it within relative distance from your target audience?
  • Capacity: How many people can your event venue hold? Do you think the venue may be too big or too small for your event?
  • Transit/Parking: How big is the parking lot? Is there ample space for people to park, or will people have to carpool? Is public transportation an option for those who cannot drive?
  • Availability: When is the venue available for rentals? Do you want to have your event occur on a weekday or weekend? Morning, afternoon, or evening?
  • Cost: How much is it? Is it within your budget? Do the costs add up to the number of amenities you may be able to receive as a part of the venue rental?
  • Notes: Is it an outdoor venue or an indoor venue? How will that impact your event in the case of bad weather? Will you need tables, chairs, or AV equipment?

University of Houston hosts their annual Viet Extravaganza in their campus ballroom.

Western VSA enjoyed their Kick-Off event and the weather outside!

HOW – Budget

This tab is a budget spreadsheet that will help you determine how much funding you will need in order to organize and execute the event. This includes a breakdown of various categories, sponsorship, and other sources of revenue that can help determine whether or not you will profit off of the event.

*Please note that adding or removing rows/columns to the spreadsheet will interfere with the formulas that are already in place, so please edit the formatting with caution.*

Don’t forget to include any prizes or giveaways in the budget.

The University of Toronto VSA and VSA at Ryerson prepare their venue for the Lunar New Year celebration.

Selling VSA merchandise or collectibles (like buttons) can be a great source of revenue at your events.

HOW – Materials

This tab will help you keep track of the materials you need, materials you may already have, and the person who is in charge of bringing them to the event. It contains columns for item, quantity, and person of contact.

WHEN – Itinerary

In this tab, you will be able to list out a step-by-step itinerary with all of the necessary tasks you will need your committee members to complete before, during, and after the event. It includes start/end times, duration, the person in charge, task, description, and materials/notes. This will allow your entire team to see the overall itinerary of the project and will help with transparency!

We hope to make your event planning experience much easier with this Event Planning Template. Of course, this is just an overarching template, and you may add any extra columns or tabs that you may see fit in order to make your project a success. Below are some photos of other unique events that VSAs from all around North America are organizing. Happy planning!