VSA Cafe: How To Make Cà Phê Sữa Đá

Welcome to VSA Cafe: How to make cà phê sữa đá (Vietnamese iced coffee)! This video was insipred by beloved Vietnamese iced coffee drinkers who couldn’t quite make it correctly at home. Unlike other typical recipes, our’s combines the 2 most popular Vietnamese coffee grounds, Trung Nguyên and Cafe du Monde, to marry a heavenly balance of chocolatey dark roast with a chicory French-style taste in the final brew. We also further popularize this traditional Vietnamese coffee recipe with a cold brew version for the high-caffeine coffee lovers. This concentrated caffeine jolt minimizes the steps of having to brew a hot coffee and cooling it down with ice. The only drawback to a cold brew is that it’s not as bitter in comparison to the original Vietnamese coffee. Enjoy!

00:00:01:19 Today we will be making cà phê sữa đá
00:00:04:05 You will need Trung Nguyên and Cafe du monde coffee grounds, 
00:00:07:08 a Vietnamese coffee drip filter, condensed milk, 
00:00:11:14 a container to mix the coffee grounds, hot water
00:00:15:23 and of course ice
00:00:20:02 We will be mixing both of the coffee grounds together in a bag
00:00:23:03 and pour it back into the cans or any container you would like to store coffee grounds
00:00:28:19 We will be mixing both coffee grounds because people have always used one or the other
00:00:33:22 based on their preference and what others have told them.
00:00:37:09 I personally like the taste much more when they’re both mixed
00:00:42:10 In the video, I add most of the coffee grounds to a coffee container
00:00:46:21 which has a c02 release valve to allow it actually keep the grounds more fresh
00:01:07:16 Next, we will pour the amount of condensed milk of your preference
00:01:11:20 If you like it sweet you can add 2-3 tablespoons of condensed milk
00:01:16:01 And you can adjust it to your liking
00:01:18:07 I suggest adding one tablespoon in the beginning and add more later to adjust it to your taste
00:01:28:07 Now add 3-4 tablespoons of the mixed coffee grounds into your filter
00:01:33:06 and add the metal filter on top and push down or twist to add resistance
00:01:40:14 Now add a little bit of water to allow the coffee grounds to soak up the hot water and wait 1-2 minutes.
00:01:57:15 Now you are ready to pour hot water
00:02:00:19 fill up the filter with hot water and wait
00:02:04:06 If the coffee is dripping really fast instead of slowly, push down or turn the metal filter on the inside to add more resistance 
00:02:11:16 making it harder for water to pass through
00:02:18:00 Fun fact is that coffee was introduced to Vietnam in 1857 by the French
00:02:32:05 Vietnam is the second-largest exporter of coffee whereas Brazil is the largest
00:03:03:15 Now you are ready to mix and add ice to enjoy
00:03:08:01 If you want it sweeter you can add more condensed milk
00:03:21:10 The bitter taste that you taste in coffee is from the Robusta beans which are also considered inferior
00:03:40:01 If you love the caffeine from Vietnamese coffee you can also try making it a cold brew
00:03:44:22 The only thing is that you will not get the bitterness that you get from Vietnamese coffee because this method makes it less bitter
00:03:51:14 Steeping coffee in hot water is what brings out most of the bitterness other than the bitterness that comes from the caffeine
00:04:00:07 You will need a container for your coffee to store in the fridge and a cloth strainer
00:04:05:16 Add in 3-4 tablespoons of coffee grounds for every 6oz of water you will add to the container
00:04:12:23 Once done you can add the cold water to the ratio of coffee grounds you put in
00:04:18:01  Now you will leave it in the fridge for 12 hours, overnight or up to 24 hours based on how concentrated and strong you want the coffee

I would recommend keeping the cold brew for one week as if you keep it any longer it would degrade

00:04:43:02 enjoy it the next morning with condensed milk
00:04:50:07 Thank you for watching VSA Cafe! See you next time